Gasbox Full Rigid frames

After needing a rigid frame for a friends project, we noticed the current Sportster frame offerings have not changed in like... 30 years! So we decided to give the standard rigid some slight design tweaks and give everyone something new to work with.

We updated all of the basic frame components, like the axle plates and neck gussets. We made a cleaner top motor mount and simplified oil tank and gas tank  choices by having these mounts in place already. We also streamlined the battery mounting and lower fender bracket situations that are often an issue in rigid sportsters. We further simplified the design by using early plate style OE front motor mounts and since the frame is stronger than stock, basic hardware is all that is needed (instead of the stock long studs and washers). 

This frame has 32 degrees of rake, which I personally prefer, and either a standard or 3" stretch in neck heights. The stretch is in the front down tubes, so the neck is raised vertically 3" with no outward stretch of tieback bone. This clean and simple frame is the perfect blank canvas for your next build. 

+3" Frame 

Standard frame mock up

+3" Frame Mock up 




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