Swingarm Panhead Rear Pipes


Ever since putting my first Panhead together I have had to deal with the infamous aftermarket rear pipe. As I am sure most of you are aware, they fit ok but were ugly. 

Harley made two year ranges of rear pipes, 1948-57 (rigid frames) and 1958-65 (swing arms). The 48-57 versions were straighter with very gradual bends, similar to a knuckle rear pipe. These pipes were close to the oil lines and very close to the oil filter accessory set.

In 1958 along with many other improvements, the factory decided to modify the rear pipe. The 58-65 rear pipe has much more curve and no straights between the bends. This allows for more adjustment when installing the pipe and gives more clearance to the oil lines and accessories. The 58-65 pipe will also fit rigid frame models and was often replaced at dealerships.

In order or us to manufacture the 1958-65 pipe all new tooling had to be made. This new tooling is designed specifically for this pipe, allowing the compound radius' and back to back bending.

We machine all of the custom tooling in house on our multiaxis machining center and bend all of the pipe in house on our multiple hydraulic mandrel benders. 

I am very happy with the outcome and we hope you get to replace that old repop pipe on your classic Pan. 


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